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Custom ROM for HTC Explorer JaggyROM

Tutorial 3 Exploring HTC Explorer :Applying a Custom ROM (JaggyROM) to Your HTC Explorer (Pico) And Increasing Internal Memory of your HTC Explorer

I hope that by now you have rooted your HTC explorer. If not, then read here.

To understand the terms used in the article, read here.

Rooting gives you complete access to your phone. Now you can add a new custom ROM to your HTC Explorer (Pico), tweak your CPU, increase your phone's internal memory, uninstall bloatware (unnecessary apps installed by manufacturer) and do many more things.

Well, there are many custom ROMs out there, the most popular being the CyanogenMod (CM). But the latest version of CM doesn't officially support HTC Explorer as of yet, so I didn't try that one. I tried another popular custom ROM named JaggyROM (developed by jaggyjags and kernel by sakindia123) and it works perfectly well.

Here I'll also explain how to increase the internal memory of your HTC Explorer.  This will enable you to install plenty of apps in future without your phone showing 'low internal memory' notification.

Let's see how to install/flash JaggyROM in your HTC Explorer.

Pre-requisites : You will need following

-SD card reader. Yup, DO NOT use your phone to mount your SD Card and perform the process of making partition on it.
-download MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition
-download JaggyROM version
-please see to it that you SD card is inserted in your phone and is accessible by phone.

Step 1: Create Backup Of Existing ROM

1. First of all we need to backup your existing ROM.
2. After rooting your phone, reboot into Recovery menu (remove-insert your battery, hold volume down+power buttons simultaneously and select recovery from the menu that appears)
3. Select "Backup and Restore" from the menu
4. Now select "Backup"
5. Once this is done, select the "Reboot System" option.

6. This time the phone boots normally.
7. Now connect your phone to your computer via a USB data cable and copy the folder "clockworkmod" from the SD card to somewhere on your PC for backup. This folder contains the backup of your existing ROM (the one installed by HTC).

Step 2: Partition SD card

Now its time to prepare your SD card for partitioning it to increase the internal memory of your phone. I recommend using MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition for this purpose. Here's how to proceed:

1. Take out your SD card from the phone (unmount it and then remove). Put it in a SD card reader and insert the reader into your laptop. DO NOT connect SD card to computer via phone's USB cable.
2. Backup your sd card- transfer all existing data on the SD Card to your PC and clean it completely by deleting all files from it
3. Open Minitool Partition wizard. You will find your SD card listed in it
4. You will see that the existing partition is FAT32 system. RESIZE (by dragging the mouse backwards in the bar) your existing FAT32 partition to a size where your unallocated space is at least 1GB but not more than 2GB. (I am using 16 GB memory card class 4, and I resized my unallocated space to 1.8 GB)
5. Create a new ext4 Primary partition using all the unallocated space. Note that the new partition should be PRIMARY, not logical and EXT4, not FAT32.
6. Click on "Apply".

Note: DO NOT try to delete and create the initial FAT32 and create ext4 from scratch. Just resize the existing FAT32 and create ext4 from unallocated space.

7.Once the partition has been made, you will see that the free space on your card has decreased by the amount you separated for ext4 partition. The computer will not show you the ext4 partition space. So, don't worry.

Step 3: Flashing JaggyROM

1. I hope you have downloaded the latest version of JaggyRom to your computer. Copy the latest version of to the sdcard root. Don't place inside any folder, keep it outside. Rename it to

2. Disconnect the USB cable and reboot into Recovery menu again.

3. Select "Wipe data/factory reset" option.

Note: this option is present inside the Recovery menu and is not the "Factory Reset" option available outside of Recovery menu. Okay, don't get confused.

4. Select "Install zip from SD Card" >> "Apply /sdcard/" >> Confirm.

5. Once done, select "reboot system"

6. First boot takes a little longer than normal. So please be patient and don't try to reset the device. The JaggyROM boot screen will show up in some time with animation and HTC logo. Don't touch the device yet. 

7. Once booted up, let the phone stabilize before unlocking the screen.

8. If you've installed the overclocked version of JaggyROM, you can go ahead and install the latest version of setCPU. to change your CPU settings..

9. And now, your hard work has bore fruit. Go ahead and install as many apps you want and you will never again see "Low internal memory" pop up in the notification panel. I recommend using Titanium backup for moving apps and app data to sd partition. Then you can make the most out of your phone. About using Titanium backup in next tutorial...enjoy.

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  1. bro i m not able to reach "Backup and Restore" menu,
    one image show in screen and nothing happens,
    what am i do????????????

  2. @jigish- is the option "Backup and Restore" visible. If yes, then you can scroll using the vol up and down keys ans select using the power button. If not, pls tell me which image is displaying instead of the menu

  3. sory bro i m not done rooting the phone,i just start process from this page ,now i m reach to last step,thnx bro

    1. tht's why in the first line i mentioned the i hope rooting is done by now. Anyways, happy tht u found my blog useful. Enjoy your new ROM bro :-)

  4. bro i instal juggy rom but my internal memory show 55 mb free out of 150 mb,so what is the prob bro????????

    1. and bro what am i do those file like ""?????
      can i delete it?????
      and after format of sd card juggy rom is romoved or not???
      plz guide me bro....


    2. yup u can delete from ur memory card. Just make a copy on ur PC in case someone else needs it.

      As for the memory problem, do this.

      -Download and install titanium backup (see my blog entry on titanium backup)
      -using this app u can move all ur data to sd card extension which u created in step 2 of this tutorial.

    3. thnks bro,plz make jaggy rom ICS,waiting for that,thnx a lot bro,u rocks.....

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  6. Yes!!!!I finally flashed this rom and this is awesome.I also flashed a theme and a boot animation.Thanks once again and i hope u keep making these wonderful tutorials

    1. @Satvik- glad to hear that bro. But pls send me that link to the themes for jaggyRom. I'll like to go thru that.

  7. super boss you rocked ! i love your work...

  8. yesssssssssssss i have done it.
    @Saurabh Singh i am ur big fan yaar. sorry for my English ....

    now i want to know one thing more from you. it's possible to install ICS os on HTC explorer????
    i am waiting for your reply ?

    1. Thanx a lot Farhad dear :-) Officially, HTC has denied an OS upgrade for HTC Explorer (I checked their website). They say that a RAM of 512 mb won't run it well. But I guess, a ICS based ROM will be soon out. I'll keep a tab on it, even I am waiting for it. I'll post about it on the blog.

  9. Thanks a lot dear, really thrown the tension out of my head, every month I had to reset my mobile....was really fed up of the cell phone, now atleast I can carry on with it more...thanks again...the themes link is still awaited!!!

  10. bro i search'd the whole freakin web abt partitioning & installing custom rom for htc explorer, but all the others did is just confusing me until im mad or something, ur tutorial is way clear, understanding & more detailed for a new user like me, i thank u from my heart bro, ur the best...(^_^)

    1. @vasishth- u r welcome bro. m looking for a solution for moving maps

  11. bro the best tutorial ever ,,,did not even confuse me
    u rock

  12. plz post some screenshots of jaggy 2.7

  13. awesm broh!!!!!! keep it up..... & tnxxx...

  14. This may be a stupid question, but what version of android does jaggy rom use?

  15. @Aravind- gingerbread. n no, it is not a stupid question.

  16. Hey I don't get any network on my device now and I'm not able to select any mobile network also as it just doesn't give me the access to that

  17. You can find themes by scrolling down the thread of jaggyrom 3.2.1

  18. i have only one question, and it's about the sd card,is it absolutely necessary? can't we partition sd card by using p.c?
    i get everything except for that, and is it possible to do the sd card thing without a laptop?

  19. I have installed jaggy rom 3 and the problem is after using it for more than 10 minutes, ny mobile gets freezed. I have to remove the battery and re insert it. Is there any solution for it as i kinda like jaggy rom. one more thing Is NEXTGEN 1.5 better than jaggy rom?